I thought it might be fun to put some of the drawings from my Travel Sketchbooks here.

Bear in mind, most were drawn on planes, buses, trains, or in a slight state of inebriation. Now with added content!


Here's a case for leaving your travelers cheques at home!

... impatient, obnoxious tourists, busy localsin a hurry, and no air conditioning ... there's 2 hours of vacation you won't get back!



My pal had a burning question for Reuben that could not wait until the end of the song!

Check Reuben out at The One Love Bar & Grill on Jøst Van Dyke!!



On the Northern Coast of Tortola sits The Bomba Shack, a diftwood bar that is legendary in the BVI. IN•Famous for their Full Moon Parties,

relaxed vibe, and pornographic polaroids of visiting tourists plastered all over the walls. Really unique, but would YOU bring your kids there?!?

- OMG! Good Parenting, Sammy!




Take a 20ft. powerboat with one working engine, add 8 foot swells and 30mph winds, add four adults and shake vigorously




When you step on a Sea Urchin, there really is only ONE thing you can do ...

This happened to my friend on Booby Cay off of Negril. If it happens to you, now you know what to do!



More culinary adventures with my traveling pal, The King! An amalgum of various meats and condiments, I'm not sure what you call this, but it was delicious!


Hiking up Mount Healy in Denali State Park, my family took a wrong turn and ended up on a sheer cliff of loose shale. My daughter

was fearless on the 45º slope and actually got us out of this predicament.




A little stand on wheels on a corner off the Malecon in Zihuatanejo is the place to get the best hamburger in the world.


...However, it's not all fun and games in Zihuatanejo. Rough business in the local markets ...



Here's a sketch I did of the road to Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve in Costa Rica. The locals keep the roads in bad shape to discourage too much traffic to the preserve...and it works!



It's best to stay out of people's yards in Jamaica ... even if you really need a bathroom.



How can you ever go back to Taco Bell after this?!? The best Mexican food I've ever tasted! ... Seriously!!



Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the jungle canopy where "Predator" was filmed. By the time I got through hiking in the

jungle, everything was closed and all buses and taxis had left for the day. I don't know why, but my friends waited for me.

There were very few friendly faces on the long walk down the mountain to Mismaloya...




Here's a really zealous Park Ranger giving a "nature chat" in Glacier National Park.



My family rented the only 3 person Kayak in Bayfield to explore the sea caves along the Apostle Islands.

Our rudder didn't work, steering was difficult, and there was a constant threat of MUTINY!


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