Here's a fun frame from the Minnesota Family Investment Project!


Below are some of my NEW illustrations for the National Fire Prevention Association's 2013 brochures. They're Infographical!







Wow! That's a lot of safety and family orientated goodness! Now let's see some animated urnials!... see below



Here are some icons in my COLOR SCRATCHBOARD style. You gotta love a client who asks you to draw and exploding condom and a screaming urinal ...



This 'epic' piece is for the National Fire Prevention Assoc. Find all the safe and unsafe activities ... or not.


There's good rockin' at the Hex!


After getting a suspicious mole removed, I can relate to Health Care Pinball first hand.

Here's a chilly family ready to work off that winter slush ...


SURF NITE at the Hexagon is a monthly event that's always a blast. Here's another poster using my ink line style.



Here's a logo I designed for the Mpls. St. Paul Airport new food courts




This unhealthy extinct lizard is used on posters, mouse pads, t-shirts, etc. Client: Butt Out!/State of Health Products



Who knows what lurks under that kitchen sponge? I did this for 3M.

Here's a poster I did for the Turf Club in Minneapolis using my woodcut style.



Here's a recent CD I designed and illustrated. Here I returned to my caveman roots and used ... gasp!... OIL PAINT!


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